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The major methodological thesis of this research is that the ebook of activity, greater than the other e-book within the Bible, will be taken care of as an inventive paintings within which shape and content material can't be separated. as a result, a superb acquaintance with the literary features of the booklet, together with its family with different old close to jap texts, is a precondition to the knowledge of its theology. The deep constitution of the booklet is that of a catalogue-which is a key to realizing its method of the matter of theodicy. The tough language of task is scrutinized, and is proved to be an unique and immanent attribute of the ebook. A synthesis of the literary, linguistic and theological features of task results in its paradoxical-not absurd-definition as 'a blemished perfection'.

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Such an argument is refuted, as I said, by the above analysis. 2. Genre Distinctions 35 Hence, examination of the genre of the book of Job touches upon both its aesthetic evaluation and its critical examination, which are two sides of the same coin. Anyone who argues that the present composition of the book is not original must do so on the basis of aesthetic judgment: he or she initially states that there are faults in the present text, and in the wake of this assumes that these stem from unreliable transmission of the original text.

6-8 is repeated 1. 7. 2. The seventh time the meaning is ambiguous: either curse God and bring an immediate end to your sufferings; or, with bitter sarcasm, continue to praise God until you die. This ambiguity is a means of focusing the dramatic problem of the prologue, which will accompany us throughout this work: does Job continue to bless God, or does he perhaps in the wake of his suffering dare to 'curse Him to his face', as Satan expected. By this, we are given a hint of the proximity that may exist between these two contradictory responses.

Therefore, Aristotle asks that the plot have some length (so long as it is still clear as a whole), and that it be developed and have some complication (ch. 7, 1450b31). All this is absent, of course, in the book of Job, whose plot may be summarized (apart from what appears in the frame-story) in one sentence. This being the case, there is also no complication, and hence no resolution 44 A Blemished Perfection of the complication in the plot. If, however, we define the ideological complication in the book of Job as a kind of substitute for the complication in the plot (which is not really accurate), then the solution, too, the unravelling of the complication, is distinctly anti-Aristotelian: namely, the appearance of God out of the whirlwind.

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