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Download PDF by Robert Penner, Dieter Kotschick, Takashi Tsuboi, Nariya: Groups of diffeomorphisms: In honor of Shigeyuki Morita on

This quantity comprises chosen paper on contemporary traits and leads to the research of varied teams of diffeomorphisms, together with mapping category teams, from the perspective of algebraic and differential topology, in addition to dynamical ones concerning foliations and symplectic or touch diffeomorphisms.

Ioan I. Vrabie (Eds.)'s Co-Semigroups and Applications PDF

The e-book features a unitary and systematic presentation of either classical and extremely contemporary components of a basic department of practical research: linear semigroup thought with major emphasis on examples and purposes. There are numerous really expert, yet rather fascinating, themes which failed to locate their position right into a monograph until now, ordinarily simply because they're very new.

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A Characterization of Alternating Groups by the Set of Orders of Maximal Abelian Subgroups by Chen G.

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