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By John F. Humphreys

This booklet is a transparent and self-contained creation to the idea of teams. it truly is written with the purpose of stimulating and inspiring undergraduates and primary yr postgraduates to determine extra concerning the topic. All subject matters prone to be encountered in undergraduate classes are coated. a variety of labored examples and routines are integrated. The workouts have approximately all been attempted and verified on scholars, and entire suggestions are given. each one bankruptcy ends with a precis of the cloth lined and notes at the heritage and improvement of staff conception. the subjects of the booklet are numerous class difficulties in (finite) workforce idea. Introductory chapters clarify the strategies of team, subgroup and common subgroup, and quotient crew. The Homomorphism and Isomorphism Theorems are then mentioned, and, after an advent to G-sets, the Sylow Theorems are proved. next chapters care for finite abelian teams, the Jordan-Holder Theorem, soluble teams, p-groups, and team extensions. ultimately there's a dialogue of the finite basic teams and their type, which was once accomplished within the Eighties after 100 years of attempt.

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L be a copy of be the central Finally, let 2 2 over CO. to the group j C. visted Steinberg group [3 J defined over a finite :ield of odd characteristic. :~ese In the Lie notation, are the groups 1 q 4 (4 or d er 2 q - 1) (2 q - 1) , ) B ( q, 2 662 order q (q - 1) (q - 1), 2 D (q), 4 order q 12 6 2 q 8 4 (q - 1) (q - 1) (q + q + 1), Wong [4J has shown that if G is a simple (*), then necessarily group satisfying Moreover, q C(j) Pl = P2 G::::. B (q), or C1

Rime number (BN)-pair in G G, where ql is a power of the p. of a Sylow This is done by determining centralizers and normalizers of various smaller p-subgroups of C(t) main tool is the Brauer formula referred to 320ve. a~d ±l . -subgroups, beginning with ~~e = Most of the work is involved in deter- Dining the normalizer ~~e € Because of the abundance of four-groups particularly the existence of two classes of ~~volutions, we do not have to use directly any arguments from the theory of group characters.

4. Suzuki, M. Finite groups of even order in which the Sylow 2-subgroups are independent Ann. Math. 80 (1964), 58-77. 5. Thompson, J. G. Towards a characterization of E *(q), J. Algebra 7 (1967),406-414. 2 6. Ward, H. N. On Ree's series of simple groups. Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 121 (1966), 62-89. A THEOREM ON JORDAN GROUPS Noboru Ita Let G be the set of symbols > 3) 1,2, ... ,n called points. Let G doubly transitive permutation group on that the stabilizer and 2 3, ... , k in G G l ~ ,2 such of the points 1 stabilizes further points ~3;

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