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By C. Max Lang D.V.M. (auth.)

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If healing is delayed for any reason, the 29 C. Max Lang and Carole A. ----;::, , A B D Fig. 17. Interrupted suture patterns. (A) Simple interrupted sutures. (8) Interrupted horizontal mattress sutures. (e) Interrupted vertical mattress sutures. (0) Halsted sutures (inverted horizontal mattress sutures). 30 2. Instruments and Sutures y c D . /. E F Fig. 18. Continuous suture patterns. (A) Simple continuous suture (through-and-through suture). (8) Simple continuous lock stitch. (C) Continuous horizontal mattress suture.

The resultant quantities of acid are transferred to the lungs and kidneys for excretion. The chemical buffers in the plasma and interstitial fluid include protein, bicarbonate, and inorganic phosphate. The cellular buffers include protein and organic phosphates. The buffering of blood is dependent upon a relatively rapid mechanism (involving the respir- 49 William J. White and C. Max Lang atory system and the red blood cells) and a relatively slow mechanism (involving the kidneys and tissue cells).

28 2. Instruments and Sutures A B c Fig. 16. Double-threading a needle. III. Suturing (Figs. 17-19) Good apposition of tissues is dependent on choosing the right suture material, needle, and pattern and then using them properly. A needle is less likely to break and is more easily directed if it is held along the shank rather than near the point or the eye. Trauma can be minimized by using the smallest needle that will do the job. There are many varieties of suture patterns (Figs. 17, 18 and 19), but the beginning surgeon should attempt to master only the few basic patterns that are routinely used.

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