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By E. N. Bennet.

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Or when I watch the curving flight of the beautiful ruffs and reeves round a Norwegian lake the absolutely simultaneous rise, the instantaneous wheel of the whole flock in the fraction of a second or, again, when see hundreds of starlings rise together and afterwards return to their I complete unison, I find it regard these charming incidents as due to normal or even trees in difficult to abnormal sight or hearing, and wonder whether here again some rudimentary but efficient form of telepathy may not be at work.

One might almost as well approve of the scientific study of anatomy and forbid recourse to the dissecting-room. [39] APOLLONIUS At this point, and in view of the admitted imperfections which mark the course of our inquiry into supernormal phenomena the fraud and credulity and malobservation which so easily beset our work the question may " Has psychical fairly be asked : " any future ? To such a query I have no hesitation " in giving an emphatic Yes ". One further and say that at no may go since the period subject was seriously studied have we had better reasons for such an answer.

No one now alludes to the careful mechanical safeguards against fraud devised by Sir William Crooks in the Our generation has almost eighties. forgotten the convincing experiments in telepathy carried out by the Sidg- wicks and Professor Barrett, and no longer quotes the Stainton Moses phenomena which Myers accepted. The call is for collected the production of fresh data by our own contemporaries. Without therefore troubling ourselves unduly for the time being with explana[45] APOLLONIUS tions and theories about the facts, without intruding into the work the will to believe or disbelieve, let us devote ourselves to experiment and empirical facts.

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